About our network

Ed Wyse is a beauty supply wholesaler in the Pacific Northwest, servicing licensed professionals in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We have 26 locations with a real-time point-of-sale, inventory, and payment processing system. Our satellite locations use thin clients running Fedora 8, while our main office is a mix of various operating systems.

Our network is built using IPSEC VPNs over DSL, with the as yet unrealized potential for dial-up backup.

With the exception of our mail server, which is in a colocation facility, our servers are racked in our corporate headquarters in a secure environment with redundant power with a generator backup and UPS, and redundant environmental control systems.

My goal is to work toward eliminating SPFs and provide a fully redundant cluster of systems. Physically this goal will require a storage system that is both distributed and redundant. The possibilities I considered were SAN, NAS, and DAS with raid1, raid5, raid6, drbd, dfs, iscsi, or glusterfs (or various combinations thereof).

Other physical impediments to SPF are the actual servers themselves, network architecture, and internet connection.

Logical impediments include services that don’t allow for failover or load sharing, poorly designed hardware OS’s that don’t follow specifications, and security requirements.


~ by edwyseguru on March 26, 2009.

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