The evaluation and changeover is complete from Callweaver to freeSWITCH. Callweaver didn’t do what we needed. freeSWITCH did. Not that difficult of a decision to make.

The freeSWITCH learning curve isn’t all that steep. Yes, it’s a complete departure from what you were used to with Asterisk/Callweaver, but it’s far more logical and can be as detailed as you like. Unlike CW/* dialplans are processed in the order that you load them. Put your specific dialplans first, then drop through to your more and more generic ones. It’s simple.

The support I’ve received from the respective IRC channels is beyond comparison. In CW, my responses were rare and frequently pointed me to things I should try programming myself, as the things I needed didn’t exist. In the freeSWITCH channel, not only were people personable and helpful, they were there all the time! Newbies, though referred to the wiki, are told which pages of the wiki hold the information that’s useful to them. They’ll even help you brainstorm methods for getting the resultant dialplan you’re trying to accomplish, should you be trying to do something “interesting”.

And the best part, we have working DTMF! We can now voice authorize credit card transactions if necessary. A feature that was going to kill this project and cause the principals of this company to pull the VoIP system and put the old Panasonic switches back in. Now we can move forward and save tens of thousands of dollars per year by switching to VoIP comany wide.

Thank you to everyone in #freeswitch, and to the developers that made this possible.


~ by edwyseguru on April 6, 2009.

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