Commercial Quality Helpdesk and Resource Management System

I’ve switched us over to GLPI for our helpdesk ticket management system, and I am a new fan.

I found GLPI while looking for a piece of software to manage our resources. We had a series of failures of our Zyxel Prestige 662HW-61’s where the bridge chip would start dropping packets. Once they started dropping them, they would just keep getting worse until they were completely unusable. As we have over 25 of them that were all approaching the end of their warranty, we were a bit concerned. So far, Zyxel has taken good care of us. As a result of needing to keep track of which modems had been changed out, which were in transit, and which were good – I looked for a better tool than a spreadsheet.

I found GLPI. Not only does it keep track of all the hardware, their locations, purchase dates, warranty periods, applicable contracts, etc., it also has this nice helpdesk system that integrates with the resources. Now trouble tickets are attached to the resource that caused the problem, greatly improving the ability to identify cronic equipment problems.

Like any software packages, there are a few deficiencies. This package is written by a french group (one of which is Remi Collet, of the remi repository fame). Some of their english translations are a bit lacking. They are, however, quite willing to update the dictionaries with corrections when submitted. There’s a feature to authenticate users against imap accounts that is supposed to be able to be configured to use a preset domain name. The setup for that is there, but the execution was missing. Lastly, there’s a “network links” system that, when complete, will save a lot of time tracing down wires. Unfortunately, it’s only half implemented.

Overall, this is a very powerful piece of software that will greatly simplify management of my helpdesk resources, and our equipment.


~ by edwyseguru on April 16, 2009.

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