Bad customer service

I hate being treated like a newb about as much as I hate support people reading half of a support ticket and dismissing it as invalid.


I’ve tried sending dtmf via SIP INFO or via RFC2833, and neither works consistently. If I dial my POTS line, and dial digits on the voip phone keypad, I can see sip info packets if I set it to info, or rtp rfc2833 packets if I set it that way, but on the pots phone, I hear maybe 1 in 10 tones.


INFO DTMF is not supported on our service for calls to or from the PSTN. You must use RFC2833. RFC2833 is fully supported by all of our underlying carriers for both inbound and outbound service, so if you are having a problem, the issue is likely between your SIP phone and the PBX.

When I called 12066230560 and entered 256 it immediately interrupted the IVR. I then received an ‘Incorrect Entry’ response. When I enter #1, I am able to reach the directory.

This call was placed from my Polycom phone and an MX system that is configured to utilized RFC2833 only.



As I said, I get the same results either way.
The problem, as was noted in the previous response, is likely related to the DTMF relay between your phone and your PBX, as this issue cannot be reproduced from our PBX when calling your POTS line.

In addition, what you hear when pressing tones should not make any difference as RFC2833 is out-of-band and has nothing to do with the audible tones.


When you say, “between your phone and your pbx”, are you referring to my Polycom phone to my Freeswitch PBX, or my Panasonic phone to my KSU? If the former, then that would prevent the RFC2833 packets from showing up in a packet capture that I’ve reviewed with Wireshark between my Freeswitch PBX and your Acme Packet SBC. If the latter, then I would have the same results utilizing the IVR as you.

When referring to what I hear, I was referring to the Panasonic phone on the POTS KSU. If I’m not hearing DTMF at the POTS end and the RFC2833 is leaving my Freeswitch PBX correctly then the only possibility that I can imagine is that the problem is within your realm of responsibility.

I am referring to the Polycom to Freeswitch connection. The inbound leg of the call to the POTS line is the same for my call tests and your call tests. I do not have any problems originating traffic via nexVortex and terminating to your POTS line and then relaying DTMF.

Are there other numbers that you have problems passing DTMF to?


Well then, as I said in my very first message, “I can see … rtp rfc2833 packets … but on the pots phone, I hear maybe 1 in 10 tones.”

Yes, I cannot use DTMF consistently anywhere that we’ve tried that uses an IVR system. The bank, the alarm company… even just calling a POTS line with an old-fashioned simple handset.

I mean really…. If you’re going to answer a question, at least make an attempt at understanding it first. I give way better support than this over IRC to people that I have no financial interest in helping. You’d think that the vendor that gets money from us every month could do a bit better.

~ by edwyseguru on November 14, 2011.

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  1. As a critic of bad customer service, you might enjoy this little prank I made recently. I called my credit card’s customer service line to do some “negotiating.” Having a bit of leverage, I thought it presented a great opportunity to mess with them a little without fear of retribution. I made a video of the call and posted it on my blog along with my comments about what happened and a fuller “director’s cut” transcript. Pay attention to his response to the classic line “Why does Bank of America hate Christmas?” Enjoy.

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